Create a meditation & mantra practice to quiet the mind,
purify the soul and free the natural voice.

Self Care Nourishment

The Bhakti Bungalow is a safe space in L.A. that is helping people connect to their true selves & FULL NATURAL VOICE. Whether you want to learn how to STEP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR VOICE, or find a mediation practice so that you can find peace within this ever growing chaotic world The Bhakti Bungalow can joyfully assist.
Set time aside this year to nurture your WELL BEING and for PLAY! Outside L.A? No problem, Spring assists many over the world online. Email to set up.

• SING YOURSELF ALVE™ by freeing your natural voice

Create or deepen a MEDITATION practice

• CONNECT your Breathe with your Sound

• SING MANTRAS from various traditions & cultures

• Use mantra as a tool to deepen mediation

• Incorporate yogic breathing techniques

• Build Confidence- Let Your Voice Be Heard!

• Microphone technique


The Bhakti Bungalow- a sacred place for a deep musical experience.

“Spring is one the most altenative, dedicated, inspiring, encouraging and uplifting teachers I’ve ever met. She lead me on the path of finding my true voice and connecting to it.
I feel like this is a beginning of a fascinating journey!
Anyone who is looking for a voice teacher – look no further!”
Asya Soskova (Moscow, Russia)

Spring Groove is an internationally recognized Teacher of Music & Yoga.
She has been teaching for 15 years in over 25 countries fusing her training as a Broadway Performer with her Yoga Teacher Training. Her experience includes 2 Broadway Shows, 11 original CDs, and CD productions for various singer-songwriters world wide.
Spring holds her teacher training certification from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and a B.F.A. from The Boston Conservatory in Music Theatre. She is a sensitive and dynamic instructor and thrives on creating practices to connect people to their true self.

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