BowSpring & Bhakti Womens Weekend- Move & Sing Yourself Alive


September 7 -


September 9 -

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The BowSpring is an alignment system that brings the natural curves back into the spine and allows us to move with lightness and fluid power. Entrench yourself into a mindlful women’s weekend. Practice bettering your body with BowSpring and your soul with Bhakti -Meditation, Music & Mantra. Juicy, Restorative FUN This weekend we will find out how we can feel more alive trough moving & singing.

You will leave this weekend feeling more radiant, vibrant and vital.
We often become smaller due to our own thoughts and habits and the pressure of daily live. Also as women we often did not learn that it is good to be radiant, present, strong, expressive. To show our light fully.

In this weekend we will move our bodies in a way that helps you to live your full potential and shine your light bright!
We will free our voices by singing & breathing.
We will connect to our essence trough meditation and visualization.
And last but not least we we nourish our bodies & souls with delicious foods!

We are looking forward to welcome you:
Spring Groove – singer, voice worker, mantra and kirtan.
Petra Kool – Bowspring teacher, body worker, breathe and meditation.
Laura Pijnenborgh – Bowspring teacher, body worker, breathe and meditation.
Kiki Kusters – Holistic nutritionist, Chef, catering.

Further details on location & costs will follow soon!

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