Sing Yourself Alive Vocal Workshop


April 30


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Spring Groove

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Inspire Spiritual Community

9056 Santa Monica Blvd, # 202

West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069

Sing Yourself Alive – A Bhakti Vocal Workshop with Spring Groove

Spring’s passion to facilitate transformation empowers her students and allows them to experience the Strength & the Joy of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga.

Spring fuses her training as a Broadway performer, Singer-Songwriter, Kirtan Wallah, & a Sivananda certified yoga teacher, to help students of all levels free their natural voice.

No prior musical experience is necessary.

All that is required is a desire to better understand.
* How the Voice Works
* How to access your Power
* How to Open your Heart to Connect to your
True sound.

The workshop is divided into 3 sections…
• Breath Work
• Vocal Exercises
• Singing Mantra (Kirtan) and/or Song
Each section functions as a building block, adding on in a simple series
that makes singing less mysterious and more joyful.

Spring Groove is an internationally recognized Teacher of Music & Yoga. She has been teaching for over a decade in over 20 countries fusing her training as a Broadway Performer with her Yoga Teacher Training. Her experience includes 11 original CDs & CD production for singer – songwriters around the world. Her Yoga education includes traditions from the Jivamukti, Bikram, Power, Hatha, Anusara and Iyengar Yoga Schools and her certification from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. Spring’s Y.U.M.M.Y Time TM (Your Ultimate Music Meditation Time) program allows her to customize complete practices for maximum results Holistically & Fearlessly.



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