Folkin’ around the World

Folkin’ around the World marks Spring Groove’s 10th CD. Recorded with her musical partner, Erhard Dengl from Munich Germany (tabla, hammer dulcimer) and featuring a wide variety of stellar musicians from the USA & Europe Spring takes us on a musical journey around the World. The songs and mantras here are both original and traditional and are sung in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Italian, Spanish, Tibetan, Yoruba, and English. This CD is Spring’s deepest and most diverse offering with a cohesiveness that keep the listener engaged, surprised and delighted.

Spring Alive – an Ecstatic Journey Home

Spring Alive, an ecstatic journey home, is a LIVE studio recording from Spring Groove’s original Off-Broadway production, Spring Alive, produced by the ONE HEALING ARTS COMPANY.
In this autobiographical spiritual journey Spring tells tales of her adventures from NY to LA, all across Europe and back again as a new yogi and street performer. This original score of her pop/folk Americana tunes and Indian sanskrit mantra joyfully create an authentic and eclectic deep heart opening experience.


Yatra (Sanskrit: ‘journey’, ‘procession’) means a pilgrimage, and is generally undertaken in groups. The journey itself is as important as the destination, and the hardships of travel become an act of devotion in themselves.
Spring collaborates for the first time with touring pal, Dave Stringer for an all Sankrit Mantra CD. Together they soulfully sing both traditional and new, original melodies . Recorded Live with fellow touring musicians, Erhard Dengl, Miles Shrewsbery, Patrick Richey and Hans Christian who also produces, the CD is beautiful laced with acoustic guitars, harmonium, hammer dulcimer, tablas, cello, sarangi and trumpet (M!chaeloah Elam). This CD works well for both music lovers and yogi practioners alike.


Spring Groove’s 7th CD is a pop/electronica produced CD that blends new western songs with ancient eastern mantras in Sanskrit, Hebrew and Tibetan.


After diving deeper into yogic waters Springgroove proudly presents Spring’s debut all mantra CD, GRATITUDE. This hypnotic and heart opening CD includes traditional as well as original compositions in Sanskrit and Hebrew. It is a collection of mantras that have deeply touched her heart.

Spring Fever

SpringFever is a LIVE CD recorded with an All-Star band of friends at Studio Blue in Culver City, CA. This powerful and eclectic CD fuses soulful spiritual folk and rockin’ sacred chanting. Spring messages about Peace, sung in English, Hebrew and Sanskrit are delivered with a modern pop twist that makes it easily accessible for all to enjoy.


Spring continues on her spiritual path with more emotional tunes and great story telling."TODAY", the 4th CD offering from Spring serves up songs that not only evoke the listener but beg to be played repeatedly. Her vocal approach ranges from sweet & catchy and to more thoughtful somber melodies. With TODAY’s material her tremendous emotional power is given a place to emerge. Sit down, breathe deeply… and enjoy

It’s Alright

It’s Alright marks the 3rd and most intimate and emotionally raw CD from Spring to date. It is a collection of heart driven songs that tap into the human experience. It is sometimes spiritually uplifting and other times dark and brooding. Always, However passionate, soulful and brutally honest.


Produced by Ty Taylor (Dakota Moon/ Elektra Records) with Andreas Geck (Christina Aguileria, Pink). Mixed and Mastered by Steve Gryphon (Alanis Morisette, Avril Lavigne). This sophomore release is exciting listeners with its rejuvenating uniqueness, diversity & courage to step "out of the box."


Ripe & Ready Records wants you to meet Spring and her soulful powerful voice! This native New Yorker sings emotionally driven poetic rock, featuring wailing guitars and seductive spoken rap- often compared to a contemporary Pat Benatar.

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