Photo Credits

Photo: Axel Hebenstreit –
Photos from:
Yoga Vidya Music Festival
Berlin Yoga Festival

Photo: Wari Om Photography-
Photos from:
Barcelona Yoga Conference
Be The Light Video Shoot
Geneva Yoga & Music Festival

Photo: Kerstin Hagge
Photo from:
Private Y.U.M.M.Y Time session w/Uta Eisenkrätzer
Hamburg, GERMANY

Photo by: Geoffrey Tischman Photography
Photos from: Spring Alive, an ecstatic journey home
Produced by ONE Heaing Arts Company
Dixon Place Theatre, NYC

Photo by: Ray Garcia –
Photos from: IRINI CD and Promo Photos

Photo by: Lee Cherry –
Photos from: CD Covers
It’s All Right, Gratitude, Changing, Spring Alive

Photo: Robert Sturman
Photo from:
Polaroid Sessions
Liquid Asana Live with Micheline Berry

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