Self-Love Programs to Nourish the Soul.
You design it. I'll guide it.
1-2 hr. programs. Together we practice at your home or at my oasis.

My Inspiration for Y.U.M.M.Y Time…

“Ten Years ago a young woman I was giving voice lessons to at my Venice, CA studio asked if I could also teach her Yoga. At the time, it seemed a strange request to divide the session into different components. This very bright woman however knew just what she was doing. Her job was managing a facility located in Downtown L.A off of Skid Row. She was working directly with people who had just been released from jail, rehabilitation centers and mental institutions. This was a highly stressful job that took a great deal of her stamina. What I came to realize is that this beautiful woman wasn’t interested in becoming a professional singer or advanced yogi practitioner. She was looking for her POWER, her VOICE, her STRENGTH. She wanted to serve as BEST as she possibly could. The Voice lessons TOGETHER with YOGA provided just that, and in deed the seed for, Y.U.M.M.Y. Time. I am forever grateful she allowed me to step out of my box, utilize a variety of skills and help her, to help others.”

Y.U.M.M.Y. Time allows you to connect to your Breath & Experience your Power.

Session Samples

20 min. Meditation
20 min. Yoga
20 min. Music
20 min. Meditation
40 min. Music
30 min. Yoga
30 min. Mediation

30 min. Meditation
30 min. Yoga
30 min. Music
45 min. Yoga
45 min. Music
45 min. Yoga
45 min. Meditation

60 min. Yoga
60 min. Music
30 min. Yoga
90 min. Music
20 min. Meditation
40 min. Yoga
60 min. Music

Session Rates & Packages

$ 75 per hour
$ 105 1.5 hrs.
$ 150 2 hrs.

$ 120 per hr.
$ 170 1.5 hrs.
$ 220 2 hrs.

$ 100 per hour
$ 150 1.5 hrs.
$ 200 2 hrs.

$ 140 per hr.
$ 190 1.5 hrs.
$ 240 2 hrs.

STUDIO 5 PACK* (Discount)
$ 400 – 5 (1hr)
$ 650 – 5 (1.5hrs.)
$ 900 – 5 (2hrs.)

HOME 5 PACK* (Discount)
$ 600 – 5 (1hr.)
$ 850 – 5 (1.5hrs.)
$ 1100 – 5 (2hrs.)

*Rates apply after the initial intro session.

Creating realistic, joyful practices that bring a sense of wholeness and tranquility.

Music is deeply healing to the mind, spirit, and body…

I was blessed to have a magical healing weekend of music with Spring. All the singing, chanting, learning to “play” the tambourine was joyfully fun, freeing, and uplifting, especially for me. I had been quite seriously ill for sometime; I wasn’t sure if I would even have the energy to attend. Within minutes of participating the first night, I felt so much better.

I attended all the sessions and by the end of the weekend, I could tell I was on the road recovery. It was a miraculous experience which still resonates with me all these months later! Truth be told, I actually bought my own tambourine and “play” it while listening and singing to Spring’s music.

Truly, there are no words to completely explain the incredible transformation I felt in my health that weekend, but I am forever grateful it happened.
– Debra Mousetis Staup (Idaho, USA)

“I had the pleasure of working with Spring in 2008/09. She truly helped me to find my voice, my real voice. When I started to get lessons from her I had a lack of all the main singing techniques, but with some specific breathing and relaxing exercises she helped me to find the sound that finally belongs to me. Can’t thank her enough.”
– Giovanni Bassano (Italy)

“There is so much love in her presence and it radiates!
Spring is a super professional teacher with a great attitude.”
– Pawel Kwasniewski (POLAND)

Y.U.M.M.Y. Time was a great experience that changed my life. Meeting Spring was a blessing. It was a perfect way to feel myself again, enjoy meditation, to exercise and to “Sing Myself Alive” all within the same program. I had never tried something like this before. I’ll miss her energy, professionalism and passion. I hope she will come back to Italy soon, so I can continue my work with her.

I recommend Spring and Y.U.M.M.Y. Time to all of you that want to explore a great journey within yourself with a wonderful  teacher. I swear you will feel so  relaxed and at the same time you  will discover a strong energy inside yourself like you never felt before.  It’s a magical combination.

Silvia Salerno – Bologna, ITALY

“Spring is a wonderful teacher. She sees the whole person and teaches you exactly what you need when you need it in order to thrive vocally and personally. Unfortunately, I only get to sing with Spring a couple of times a year when she is in the area. Nevertheless, she is the one who gave me the courage and the confidence that my voice was good enough to start a kirtan band in my hometown. Thanks a million, Spring!”
Ute Hänsler- Giessen, Germany


“I am a 69 year old woman complete with all the aches and pains and extra weight.  Although I have gone to a gym regularly for years, as well as, attended fitness classes,

I felt I was losing stamina and not gaining strength and flexibility.  I became disgusted with myself physically and emotionally somewhat despondent.

I heard about Spring and decided to invest some money in myself. Spring assessed my proficiency in Yoga.  She customized a plan specific to my needs. She put me into poses using tiny increments consistently checking in on me and my comfort level.
She noted improvements and always gave me a bit more to strive for.
We worked on yoga poses, balance, flexibility and always breathing.

Spring is a beautiful, spiritual woman who has much to give.  She is passionate about her work, and that passion was passed onto me. She taught me how to accept myself, and to continue to seek ways to improve my body and emotional well being.  This was the best investment I have ever made. I am smiling more now because I was taught how to accomplish many things.  I feel that when I turn 70, I will do so in the very best shape possible. Now that, makes me feel great.  Thank you Spring.”
Eva MaloneDelray Beach, Florida USA

“Every Time Spring is in Munich I take some Vocal classes with her! She is a Small Person with a Great Big Voice! She is both sensitive and strong and is as creative in her song writing as she in her vocal teaching methods.”
Susanna VogelgesangMunich, Germany

“As a Yoga teacher it is very important to have a powerful, harmonious and compelling voice.

One day during a Yoga Conference I ended up in a singing workshop with Spring.  Since my school days, I always thought I was not able to sing. But at this moment I felt something slumbered in my voice.
Courageously I booked an individual lesson and it became a great moment in my life and the beginning of an exciting and joyful journey. Spring helped me to get over my nervousness and created a very individualized lesson suitable for my needs and skills. Breathing techniques and vocalizations helped me to improve my speech and singing. By singing together with Spring I became part of an energetic movement.

Feelings like pleasure and peace spread out in me.

 Spring gave me the opportunity to find my own individual voice.
 She motivated me to continue singing Mantras in my own Yoga classes because she was sure my students would like my very special voice.
Since that day I attended some other individual lessons and group lessons with Spring. Every time she is touring in Germany, I try to book a workshop or an individual lesson. I am convinced that Spring`s lessons are good for everyone.

In my performances and Yoga classes today my voice and presence are more powerful, confident and expressive.
Thank you Spring for your competent lessons. Thank you for your loving way. I am looking forward to our next meeting and sending you loving greetings from Germany. 
Om shanti.”
Uta Eisenkrätzer- Germany

Spring Groove is an internationally recognized Teacher of Music & Yoga. She has been teaching for over a decade in over 20 countries fusing her training as a Broadway Performer with her Yoga Teacher Training. Her experience includes 11 original CDs & CD production for singer – songwriters around the world. Her Yoga education includes traditions from the Jivamukti, Bikram, Power, Hatha, Anusara, Kundalini and Iyengar Yoga Schools and her certification from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center.

Spring’s Y.U.M.M.Y Time TM
(Your Ultimate Music Meditation Time) program allows her to customize complete practices for maximum results Holistically & Fearlessly.

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